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Boardman Chiropractor

Dr. Yankush has been a Chiropractor for more than 30 years. He finds inspiration in helping his patients become an active participant in their health and well being. Dr. Yankush believes that proper diet, exercise and supplementation are the keys to reaching your goals. Dr. Yankush is very passionate about chiropractic and helping people achieve optimum health naturally. He likes working with all ages group and helping them achieve their goal of getting out of pain and staying well through holistic care. Dr. Yankush enjoys discussing chiropractic, nutrition and exercise with all of his patients.

He believes that normal body function can be achieved by restoring normal nervous system function, good nutrition and exercise. After completing his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University he attended National University of Health Sciences in Chicago where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic along with a BS in Human Biology. Dr. Yankush subsequently returned to the Mahoning Valley and established his practice in April 1981.

In addition to successful treatment of low back, neck and joint conditions, Dr. Yankush is passionate about clinical nutrition and has personally lost 30 pounds in a relatively short period of time with significant improvement in his blood chemistry. He encourages a no-nonsense approach to healthy anti-inflammatory eating that will help you avoid unhealthy pro-inflammatory foods. Dr. Yankush embraces the notion that spirituality is the essence of life. His role as a physician is one of encouragement, enrichment, and inspiration, to help all patients achieve and maintain optimal health using his training and experience. Personally, Dr. Yankush resides in Canfield, Ohio and has been a lifelong area resident. He is an avid golfer, enjoys exercising, gardening, and is a nature enthusiast.

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